Additional Qualification “DGK Safety Assessor”

Acquire the additional qualification "DGK Safety Assessor" with a certificate validity of 5 years.

To apply for the certificate, please send an e-mail to


What requirements must be met?

To obtain the "DGK Safety Assessor" certificate, successful participation in all seven (as of 2024: eight) courses of the training cycle plus three participations in a seminar for safety assessors (of DGK/IKW and its partner organisations) within three years is required.

A further requirement is that you hold a qualification in accordance with Article 10 (2) of EC Cosmetic Products Regulation 1223/2009 (minimum M. Sc., Diploma or similar; a Bachelor's degree is not sufficient to obtain the certificate).

How long is the certificate valid?

Once issued, the certificate is valid for five years. However, it can be extended by providing evidence of attendance at further five seminars or other training events relevant to safety assessors.

What are the advantages of the certificate?

The certificate confirms that the holder is professionally competent and up-to-date in safety assessment, in particular with regard to

  • the current legal framework,
  • innovative toxicological testing methods, and
  • innovative approaches to the evaluation of product safety.